Information Updates and Reminder

BarCamp Penang 2011 is just around. Participants registration will start at 9.00am, and we are giving out free goodies bags upon registration! Lunch will be provided to you! Yea, it is Free!

Here are some information and reminder to you:
BarCamp is casual. Hence, you are free to join any session that you are interested in. If you find that the session uninteresting, you could just leave and go to the next one.

Attire: Casual, Just Make Yourself Comfortable

Things to Bring:
I: Your Happy Energy
II: Own Water Tumbler (Let’s Go Green & Drinking Water Machine Available)
III. Laptop (Optional & At your own risk)
IV: Namecards

Free Wifi:
Username: scuser1, scuser2, ----- scuser10
Password: sc@kdu

If you are / want to share something, remember to bring along your laptop and slide. Screen projectors are available, however get ready to present without projector(Just in case technical problem).
BarCamp is all about having fun learning & sharing knowledge! So, let’s have fun together!
See you there!

* Thanks to Exabytes, Prudential, KDU College, Joget,, Infoyana, and Johnshen Lee Photography for sponsoring the event!

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